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Design Tips for Logo Mats

A custom logo mat creates an instant and lasting impression with your clients.

1. The appearance of the final product depends on the initial graphic design. In general, the more simple and less cluttered the design, the more quickly and powerfully your mats will communicate.

Acceptable artwork:
Business Cards, Letterhead, Clear black and white
artwork, Digital files (.jpg .tif .gif .ai .pdf)

Unacceptable Artwork:
Patches, T-shirts, Hats, Photographs, Faxes,
Oversized artwork (mats, signs, banners)

2. Designs are centered in the mat and sized proportionately. Unless special positioning is requested, our Art Department will use discretion in sizing and spacing.

3. Please specify if your mat is to be vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape) in orientation. Some payouts are better geared towards a specific orientation.

4. For best results, choose contrasting color combinations. Dark backgrounds work best with lighter logos, and light backgrounds work best with darker logos.

5. Know your artwork! The better the artwork, the quicker the service. If you are not sure, involve us early in the process.