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Why Do You Need Shop Towels?

Shop Towels

Shop towels are a clean and absorbent product that has many applications:
  • Wiping heavy grease in manufacturing.
  • Wiping inks with solvents in printing operations.
  • Cleaning up food processing.
  • Light dusting in offices.

Where to Use Shop Towels

Shop towels can be used wherever machinery, furniture and equipment has to be wiped down. Shop towels also can be used to wipe hands.

Rental Shop Towels Reduce Waste

Rising concerns over hazardous waste and the availability of landfills is causing society to reuse and recycle. With rental shop towels, there is no disposal and no disposal cost. The fact that a company is reusing its shop towels, significantly reduces its long-term liability risk.

Reasons for Renting Shop Towels

A service agreement with a textile rental company provides a continuous supply of towels. Purchasing time and expenses are thereby reduced. There also is no need for a large storage area when renting towels. Also, customers can be assured they will not run out of clean towels.

Shop Towels vs. Paper Towels

Shop towels are more absorbent than paper towels, sometimes 5-to-10 paper towels are needed to do the job of one shop towel. Shop towels are softer than paper towels, making them easier on finished surfaces. Disposable paper towels are not as durable and are wasteful when compared to shop towels.

Shop Towels vs. Rags

Shop towels also have advantages over rags. Buying rags can be a gamble. Rags may be made of polyester, which is not absorbent. Zippers may also be present, which can damage equipment and surfaces. Five 18 x 18 shop towels cost less and do the same job as a pound of rags.

Add-On Services

Shop towels can be printed with your company's logo or slogan. Shop towels also can be dyed to show their end use, such as:
  • White for food processing.
  • Red or orange for machine shops or mechanics.
  • Blue or gray for printers.
  • Yellow for wiping surfaces.

Source: Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA)