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Mat Essentials

Mat Essentials
Floor mats are multi-purpose and can be utilized a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional settings. Mats cover your more traditional locations such as doorways; and office areas such as copier machines, filing and storage facilities, and protection around water fountains. Industrial mat applications include assembly lines, high voltage areas, lab areas, and locker rooms. Institutional facilities employ the use of mats for cafeterias, food preparation areas, foyers, vending machines and more.
Like the postman, mats are at work in rain, snow, sleet and sun and are a very important part of any efficient business.
What do they do besides trap dirt, dust and moisture from snow, rain and spills?
Safety – A good mat reduces slippage and potential liability in the event of an accident. They also reduce fatigue; research shows that anti-fatigue mats could increase worker productivity by up to 30% and can reduce the number of Worker Compensation Board claims. Anti-fatigue mats absorb the shock due to walking, standing, and lifting. This softening effect diminishes foot fatigue – would you rather stand for 8 hours on a harsh cold concrete or a carpet?
Mats protect your floor finish, facilitate efficient cleaning and therefore decrease maintenance costs.
Mats increase foot traction and move people quickly through high traffic areas,
Mats increase overall comfort. They reduce the wearing effect of cold concrete on your feet and create a silencing effect on tile surfaces providing a more peaceful environment. We have a wide variety of mats that enhance the first interaction your clients have with your business. If your clients are traipsing through a slush-filled foyer ruining their good boots and shoes, then their experience is significantly diminished.
Treat your mats as an extension of your brand by adding your logo or a text message.  A text message is a unique way to communicate directly with your employees and valued customers. Choose from our broad range of theme and slogan mats designed to capture the attention and imagination of your clients.
We offer specially designed mats that sanitize your floor and are used primarily in food processing facilities, and laboratories. As traffic passes, hundreds of ridged rubber scrapers bend under pressure to immerse the soles of your shoes in a disinfectant, effectively cleaning the shoes to reduce cross contamination and enhance the sterility of the environment.
Everyday employee tasks such as walking, working or sitting on certain types of chairs can create static electricity. Static can pass quickly from the employee to sensitive equipment and potentially damaging computer chips and electric circuitry. Anti-static matting eliminates static from the employee thus protecting sensitive and costly equipment.
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