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Privacy Policy

Our goal is to provide high quality service to our customers and our partners' customers, while protecting their privacy and security. This Privacy Policy (PP) has been instituted to prevent unauthorized use of personal data.

This privacy statement explains our current policies regarding what information we collect, why we collect it, how we store your information and how you can access, update or remove your personal information.

Topics covered by this policy:

  1. What information is considered personal?
  2. What information is collected when you visit this site and create a personal notification account?
  3. Why do we collect this information?
  4. How can you access your information and either correct or delete your information?
  5. How is my information stored?
  6. Who can you contact for more information?
  7. How often do we update our privacy policy?

1. What Information is Considered Personal?

Any "information about an identifiable individual" such as name, address, or gender that can be used to identify, distinguish or contact a specific individual is considered personal information. Exceptions include business information such as would be found on an individual’s business card or other publicly available information such as contact information listed in a phone directory.

We collect only the information we require. Any additional information that we collect for statistical purposes is not mandatory and will be denoted as such. You have the choice of whether you choose to provide additional information. Any additional information will only be used to help us better understand our clients, partners and visitors. Information collected for statistical purposes will only be presented in aggregate form to members of our organization with a "need to know" in order to fulfill specific needs as noted on our site.

2. What information is collected when you visit this site and complete an online information request or apply for a position with our company?

We only collect basic information in order to complete your request. You may also at any time ask for your information to be removed from the system.

We may also collect standard information that will be used to review the performance of the website and to look for areas of improvement. We generally make no attempt to link this information to any particular individual unless an individual or entity makes an attempt to damage our system or access information on our servers without the proper authorization.

Some of the information we may collect includes:

Internet Protocol (TP) address of computers accessing our system.
The types of operating systems and web browsers being used to access out site.
The Internet Service Providers that are used by our visitors.
Date and time information.
Pages visited including length of stay on particular pages.
Information searches and access to help files.
Why do we collect this information?

3. Why Do We Collect This Information?

Personal information collected by this site is used for the express purpose of fulfilling your request for information or for reviewing your job application. The collection of personal information is governed by the Personal information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) which authorizes Private organizations to collect the minimum personal information needed in order to deliver the requested service.

4. How can you access your information and either correct or delete your information?

You may access your personal information by contacting our Privacy Officer via email.

5. How is my information stored?

Your information is stored on our secure servers. For your protection, do not disclose your login information to anyone.

We use a combination of software, hardware and encryption protocols to protect your information. All information that you provide will be kept strictly confidential. We will not sell, give away or grant access to your information to anyone outside of the organization or our affiliates. In the event that we are required by court order, subpoena or legal action to disclose personal information about registrants to our system, we will limit the discloser to only that information which is specifically required by the order.

6. Who can you contact for more information?

Questions or comments regarding our privacy protection policies as outlined in this statement may be directed to the company. Visit our contact us section.

7. How often do we update our privacy policy?

We regularly review our privacy policy to ensure that our privacy standards comply with current legislation. Updates to our policy will be posted when available.