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Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Renting a product as opposed to buying it provides many benefits to businesses.
Free up your staff and time, save on labour and additional equipment
Need to clean items, investing time, purchasing equipment
We take care of the replacement of products
You have to take time care to replace products
No upfront investment
A large upfront investment is required
Better safety. Our products are made of quality materials reducing the risk of accidents
Many purchased type products are made of cheap material making it less safe
Our customer service person will communicate with you on a regular basis, ready to answer your questions or concerns
No face-to-face contact is available after you purchase a product/item
Since our products are made of quality materials and can be replaced when they are worn-out, it provides your business with a better appearance
Sometimes purchased products have a worn-out look shortly after they have started to be used
No need to worry about repurchasing outdated/worn-out items. We will replace worn-out items no extra cost to you!
Once a product is worn-out you have to replace it by purchasing a new one
No need to have an inventory of products
Need to have a facility to inventory of products/items
Product delivered to you on a regular basis
Need to find and deliver products
A rental service can offer you the ability to change the service deliverables as your needs change
Once you have invested in the items you do not have the flexibility to change colors, style or size
Our quality products are better performers
Many purchased items do not last due to low quality
A rental service will provide lower maintenance costs
Purchased products would cost you more since the maintenance is your responsibility
Pease give us a call to find out more about our rental services!

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